Museum of Paper-Making in Duszniki

The Museum of Paper-Making in Duszniki Zdrój is the only such place in Poland that is focusing on paper-making in a professional way. In museum are gathered collections including history of paper-making, printing and Duszniki Zdrój. Important is also educational and science-research offer. Thank to reach and unique collections within history of paper-making, museum is popular not only in Poland but also in whole Europe.

This place shall be visited, because gathered collection was almost lost. For long time paper plant was abandoned and in 1953 the officers in the city of Dusznik Zdrój paid attention to this building. Couple of years later were gathered sponsors and renewal idea's followers of the paper mill as a monument. Presented were different concepts: from transmission object to fruit storage to destroying. In 1962 the Regional Monument Conservationist possessed financial support in order to repair building.

Today we can visit the renewed paper plant, admire collections of books and listen to many interesting stories that will be told by the guide. The Paper-Making Museum in Duszniki Zdrój shall be visited, at least because of its unique historic value.


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