Route of Vanishing Professions

The Route of Vanishing Professions is a place, where both kids and adults can find something interesting. This is the unique trip into the past and opportunity to discover professions that are not longer existing or have almost vanished. The developing automation and technological development cause that there is no longer place for professions that were popular some years ago. However the heritage park, Route Vanishing Professions helps to remember them.

In the potter's workshops the visitors can observe, how the vessels are formed. The interested person can also make their own objects. In bread house the visitors can discover the traditional methods of baking bread and see how the real bread oven looks like. In the cottage of handmade works are presented old household items, so the visitors can observe items of every-day-use. However always the most popular is forge, where the interested persons can find out how from the iron are made horseshoes. The tourists also have a chance to enter a mill from 1902 and visit zoo with different kinds of animals.

For the organised groups of kids and adults are prepared feast in a country style that took place in a special prepared wooden hut. The Route of Vanishing Professions is a unique place with charm that can be explore for hours still discovering new things.


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